April 14, 2021


Safety Certificates

Speed, engine, make and model, these are some of the things a buyer usually looks for in a car. The problem is that people nowadays forget something that is gravely important. Nothing should be more valuable than safety. This is one factor that shall never be forgotten and always be on top of the priority list.
A safety certificate is a must have for every seller and a 'must look for' or something every buyer should require. This will protect both from liability and future inconveniences. From the term itself, these certificates serve as proof that the vehicle in question is road safe. The vehicles undergo inspections that usually last less than an hour. Upon passing the said procedure, a written report along with the certificate will be given by the inspecting team. Otherwise, you will be given a specific amount of time to fix the problem, and the vehicle will be subject for another inspection.

Graeme Teale Mechanical Repairs, mechanical experts based in Brendale, provides these inspections for all types of vehicles. We have been in the business for a combined background of 40 years, and so we guarantee the efficiency of the service you will get from our team.

Logbook Servicing

As a vehicle owner, be it for business or leisure travel, nothing is more frustrating than breaking down at the side of the road. What can one do to avoid mechanical issues and inconveniences? A regular check-up and proper maintenance are the best option for every owner. one maintenance procedure that can prolong your vehicle's life is logbook servicing.
What is logbook servicing?
A logbook service is one form of mechanical servicing through the guidelines provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Having all the stages done helps you keep your vehicle's statutory warranty and makes sure your car is healthy ans issue-free. A manufacturer's logbook usually has all the information for your car's required services for the first 200,000km. It's a straight to the point guide for your mechanic, to check what needs extra attention at a specific timeframe.

Mechanical Repairs

Car suddenly won't start? Something wrong with your engine? 
Better have your car checked before it totally breaks down! Graeme Teale Mechanical Repairs is a team of experienced automotive engineers conveniently situated in Brendale. We specialise in all kinds of automotive services and mechanical repairs including logbook servicing, brakes, clutches, and suspension issues, safety certificates and many other concerns with your vehicle may have that would require repairs. We have a combined experience of 40 years, and being a family owned business, we can definitely guarantee the professional service you can get from us.
With the help of our competent and friendly staff, whether you bring your vehicle directly, call or e-mail us beforehand, we will be more than happy to do the service required to get you car up and running. On top of doing repairs, we can also do extra services like identifying parts that require replacing, and give you tips on how to avoid mechanical inconveniences from a professional's point of view.
These services we offer can increase the lifespan of your car, give you peace of mind, and prevent accidents. If you need help with mechanical repairs or in need of automotive experts to repair your vehicle, call us today!

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